A Dream is Born

“With my tireless love for sport, for the adrenaline generated by doing one more trick, for the last repetition, for running, for swimming, for pedaling just one more kilometer to end the day, for the desire to feel pretty, comfortable and share it with a community that enjoys a more dynamic, healthier, happier life. marufit is born!” Sportswear inspired by athletes, where technology and style come together to live challenging experiences, without losing the essence of being feminine, feeling light carrying your style anywhere.

Who do We Dress?

Pole dance, aerial arts, volleyball, crossfit, triathlon, are the disciplines in which our garments, shorts, tops, blouses, swimsuits designed in smart, light fabrics, especially comfortable and safe have been inspired for your workouts; If you do not practice any of these sports, you can also use them because marufit Adapts to your style.

Start Shoping

We have a variety of clothes meant for you, come and see.

Social Responsibility

We work together with our providers to give you the best price.

Comfort and Beuty

We want you to feel comfortable all the time and of course, beautiful. That’s why we make the best clothes for you.

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